Haworthia chloracantha variety denticulifera - Johnson's Post Gouritz River

In contrast with the smooth yellow-green variety chloracantha from Herbertsdale, the variety denticulifera has small teeth on the leaves and the plants are mostly dark green.

Haworthia chloracantha

At this specific locality at the Gouritz river the plants co-exist with Haworthia acuminata, sometimes sharing the same bush.

Haworthia chloracantha

They form large clumps and are usually protected under bushes. I have found some plants years ago that were growing in the open, appearing almost black in colour.

Haworthia chloracanthaHaworthia chloracantha left of middle, and Haworthia acuminata, middle and right under the same bush. The flowers are from Haworthia acuminata.

Haworthia chloracantha

Voelvlei (Bird lake), near the Gouritz River, is a shallow lake that catches rainwater from the nearby embankments. The area is rich in succulents, e.g. Gasteria carinata, Aloe ferox, Aloe speciosa , Aloe arborescens and numerous hybrids , Euphorbia aff fimbriata and Adromischus are found there abundantly. Less abundantly a Huernia species and other relatives of Stapelia. Haworthia acuminata and Haworthia chloracantha appear only in a few isolated areas. Somewhere near the mountains on the far horizon is the only known locality of Haworthia esterhuizenii.

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